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  Pictured above, Morasch Meats Blue Ribbon Food Service offices and production facilities.

The Solar modules on our site are the latest and greatest produced here in Oregon.  Initially we were offered plans built on 185 watt units. However, our insistence on having the most effective system possible resulted in us installing 245 watt mono-crystalline silicone photo-voltaic panels. This provided us top of the line equipment and ensured that our commitment to a greener future for our planet was on track.



For over 53 years this family owned business has had a goal. To be number one in convenience, quality and value, all without compromise to you, our valued customer. 

Here are Morasch, we not only commit ourselves to our food excellence, but to being an environmentally responsible manufacturer too. Our ongoing commitment to a cleaner and greener future not only ensures peace of mind for ourselves, but for our business partners and our customers.

So please, explore our web site and find out more about our family business, our exciting products, and our promise to provide you with the best service the market today.

Ph Office:  503-257-9821
Toll Free:  1-800-782-6328